Narayan Nagbali

Narayan Bali

An existence of soul is assumed after death of the body. In Hindu religion, it is regarded that there are eighty four lacks types of life and in human being life four important manhood are told in Hindu theology.


Truth, pardon, repression, defecation, donation, resolution of body, non-violence, serving preacher, visiting pious places, pity, uninteresting glorification and reverence of god and bramhin and not slandering, all these features are regarded as "Common charity"

Earning (Artha)

Expecting something (like land, gold, corn and well being etc.) to survive an ideal human life by good and moral way is manhood called "Earning"(Artha).

Desire (Kam)

Earning and Desire are essential manhood in material life of human being as per Hindu Theology. Out of those desire i.e. KAM is to get a good descendant keeping sense of theology, restrain and virtue.

Salvation (Moksha)

To get free from Birth-Death cycle is salvation (i.e.Moksha). Birth-death, death after birth, birth after death, these concepts of "salvation" (not willing to get rebirth) is expected in Hindu Religion.

When foody and breathy human body is useless (means it is dead body), a spirit or a soul of dead person exists from same body with conscience mind, intellect, ego and attention and then it(the soul) enters in a new embryo. Thus going through different Birth-Death cycle the soul gets evaluated and becomes sage and lastly succeeds to obtain "Salvation" off course it gets away from Birth-Death cycle permanently. It is the appropriate moment of salvation when the body drops down with other sheaths.

If anybody have auspicious or inauspicious and intensive wills at the time of death, those wills do not let the soul to be ease. As a result the movements after death get progressed and also gets a particular direction. As per usual process firstly breath sheath, then will-sheath and mind-sheath gets dropped down. Willing, thoughts and mind are stored in a concise body. After that spirit waits for forthcoming liable state of a new birth. For the same process it has to wait years after years. A soul enters in a ghosts life if willing are very intensive and strong at the time of death. Some time soul in ghost life consumes and suffers willing with any human being and after the decay of wiling the soul gets rid of ghosts life and goes to progress birth-death cycle.

Something willing soul enters into Patrilineal life in-spite of ghost life. It keeps watch on descendant life and consumes it’s own willing in the rise and fall of the descendent. The soul occupies descendants life for a particular duration. Then it goes to the next birth-death cycle.

There are 66 types of depraved death in theology. If the cause of death is suicide, homicide, accident or untimely death, the soul or the spirit of the dead person enters into ghost life. Some of those ghosts haunt any person. If any person suffers from depraved death, the soul of the person enters into ghost life till his determined life of person gets end and then goes towards Hereafter.

Ritual performed for the salvation of the unsatisfied soul is "NARAYANBALI". The same ritual is performed to progress birth-death cycle and get salvation to the dead, unsatisfied persons in our blood or ancestry.

Unsatisfied souls curse us and as a result we face different types of problems in our life like disturbance in getting descendants well being, health and create trouble, do not let complete auspicious events in our family. So to get rid of the curses of unsatisfied souls, NARAYANBALI ritual is performed. By performing NARAYANBALI ritual unsatisfied soul get salvation.

NARAYAN is a representative name of unsatisfied souls. Name and "Gotras" of the forefathers of ritual performer is not uttered. When NARAYANBALI ritual is performed. Unsatisfied soul in ghost life or in patrilineal life are freed to get salvation. As a result we get familiar pleasure, gets descendant for family auspicious events like marriage take place, increase earning and all types of pleasures. Health,peace of mind, long life, education etc. can be obtained as we expect. So NARAYANBALI ritual is an effective solution to get free from all types of problems and to live happy familiar life.


एतैत सर्पाः शिकंठ्भूषा लोकोपकाराय भुवं वहन्तः

भूतै समेता मणिभूषितांगाः गृण्हित पूजां परमां नमो वः।

कल्याणरुपं फणिराजमग्य्रं नानाफणा मंडलराजमानम

भक्त्यैकगम्यं जनताशरण्यं यजाम्यहं नः स्वकुला भिवृध्यै॥

NAGBALI is ritual to exonerate from snake blame. Snake blame is indicated by the problem like disturbance in getting descendant, suffering from diseases like phlegm, bile, wind three bodily humors fever, sharp pains, abdominal disease, scrofula, leprosy, itching and bladder disease.

As remarked above there are eighty four lacks of birth as per Hindu theology. Cobra life is a birth out of those eighty four lacks birth. Snake life and human life are close related to each other. The same relation can be observed in MAHABHARATA epic vividly. Lord Bramhdeva created seven ascetics, kashyap, the son of Marichi had two wives, one named Kadru and other Vinita. Kadru gave birth to snake while Vinita gave birth to eagle. So human being and snake origin are same scriptural.

As per yoga, body objectives are archived by awakening "KUNDALINI" which exists in human body. The same subject is analyzed in detail in Dnyneshwari Scripture by a great spiritual Saint Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. "KUNDALINI" exists in wheel named "MULADHAR" at starting point of spine of human body. By originating "KUNDALINI" man can obtain Theological Knowledge. It means it is theory that life and spirit gets united and human being achieve humanness by the same "KUNDALINI" knowledge of the same "KUNDALINI" is favorable for the human scientific fulfillment. In theology, the same "KUNDALINI" is termed as "snake"so state of "KUNDALINI" and snake are not different from each other.

If any body slaughters snake or cobra sensibly or insensibly in his current or prior life, as well assists to kill snake, then snake blame is created.

धनलोभात मृतायेच सर्प योनि व्यवस्थिता।

Some people have greed of wealth at the time of death. It is regarded that in some old houses there is wealth under ground and cobra or snake on it. The same cobra or snake is owner of the wealth under the ground.

अनंतं वासुकिं शेषं पद्मनाभं च कंबलम।

शंखपाल धार्तराष्ट्रं तक्षकं कालियं तथा।

एतानि नव नामानि नागानां च महात्मनाम।

सायंकाले पठेन्नित्यं प्रातःकाले विशेषतः।

तस्मै विषभयं नास्ति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत॥

We can say as per meaning of the hymn that cobra or snake is helpful in getting victory.

All in all slaughter of cobra or snake creates snake blame and to exonerate from the same blame there is convention of performing NAGBALI ritual in Trimbakeshwar.

Details of NARAYAN NAGBALI Ritual

First of all "Dehashudhhi Vidhi" is performed to make body pious and "Prayashcitta Vidhi" is performed to become free from all types of sins. After that Pooja performer takes a bath in a holy tank named "Kushavarta Tirtha" and wears new clothes. Worshipping Lord Shri.Trimbakeshwar Pooja or a ritual performer prays for fruition of a ritual.

NARAYANBALI ritual for getting rid of Paternal curse

In NARAYANBALI ritual there are some important following steps which are to be completed by Pooja performer.

Pradhan Sankalpa (prime vow), Nyas (foundation), Kalash poojan (worship of pitcher), then worship of sun lamp and lord Shri.Vishnu.

Vishnu Tarpan, worship of five Gods i.e.Lord Shri.Bramha, Vishnu, Rudra, Yama and Tatpursha are performed with glorification. Before above worship life of above mentioned gods are installed in five different metal images which is called as "Pranpratishthapana". Agnisthapan (establishing fire) , Purashasukta Havan, Ekadasha Vishnu Shraddha (Shraddha-a ritual performed faithfully of forefathers), Panchadevta Shraddha Balidan, palashvidhi, paranshar and Dashant Karma.

Maikoddishta Shradhha, Masik Shradhha, Sapindi Shraddha, NAGABALI prayashcitta sankalpa, Nagabli Sankapla, Pranpratishthapana and ritual of cobra or snake image, praying of snake, sacrifice and Nagdahan and Ashtabalidan and Pooja .

While performing above all ritual it is a tradition not to touch Pooja performer for day called "Ashauch" or "Sutak"

An auspicious Swastipunyahwachan, worship of lord Shri Ganpati is lastly performed to redicate in auspiciousness. A golden image of cobra is worshiped and donated to redicate to preacher.

At last a coronation worship is offered to Lord Shri Trimbakeshwar and preacher blesses Pooja performer and his family to be happy and delightful life. Thus NARAYAN NAGBALI ritual gets completed.

Narayan Nagbali Pooja
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