Kalsarpa Yoga Shanti

Kalsarpa Yoga Shanti

God is cloud of pleasure and offers us kind unlasting pleasure and escape us from familial griefs and difficulties.So we should contemplate the god single mindedly on an auspicious fortunate,peaceful and delighting morning which is also a stroke of luck and vow to worship KALSARPA YOGA with all planets.

We can find the discussion about KALSARPA YOGA in a sixth chapter of Skand myth(i.e.Skand Puran) .The same information is given in a book “KALSARPA YOGA SHANTI“ ,published by Dr.Balaram Pandeya,Chaukhamba Sanskrit Bhavan,Varanasi.In the same book same solution to remove KALSARPA YOGA are suggested by a great Sage Swami Shri.Karaptriji Maharaj. ”Nadigrantha BruhatKarmavipak” supports “KALSARPA YOGA“ according to great scripture “Shri.Aryadurga Vividh Sangraha“ Part-I.

If you have a KALSARPA YOGA in your Horoscope you find different types of problems in your life e.g.misspending of precious time,you have to return from any success and do not able to success,you cant fulfill any work,cant get satisfaction,cant diagnosis diseases,difficulties in education,unfruitfullness of education,cant get job as per your qualification,cant get married at proper age means it gets too much late to get married,cant get proper life partner,cant success in any profession or in business,become bankrupt,experiance hurdles everywhere,frustration,you face arguments with your relatives ,friends,and you are misunderstood by others.So those are same experience of person who have “KALSARPA YOGA“ ,in their horoscope.

We can find “KALSARPA YOGA“ in Horoscope.There are twelve places and nine planets in a horoscope.If the sun ,the moon,the mars,the merecury,the jupiter,the venus and the saturn ,these seven planet are to left or right side of rahu and ketu the same situation of the planet “KALSARPA YOGA“ .planets rahu and ketu wanders in an orbit reversely.In such condition we find all planets in between rahu and ketu.The same situation also known as “KALSARPA YOGA“ .We confirmed some different types of KALSARPA YOGA in horoscope as follows.


We can fulfill willing in our mind and overcome all types of difficulties in our life by worshipping “KALSARPA YOGA SHANTI” with nine planets.

Let’s think of outputs of performing ritual of KALSARPA YOGA.First of all KALSARPA YOGA worshipper prays lord vishnu to exonerate sins like bodily sin,spoken sin,and mindly sin and vows for expiation.

Prime vow of a KALSARPA YOGA SHANTI:-By performing prime wow we pray God to obtain auspicious results and to exonerate all blames.To get well health the sun is worshipped,the Lamp and the moon are worshipped to get peace of mind,the god of rain(i.e.Varun)including all virtuous rivers,oceans,holy place of pilgrimage are worshipped assuming those as breath,lives and nector.

Lord Ganesh is God who removes all types of obstacles in our life as well hurdles while performing the same ritual .Lord Ganesh is also God who offers us an unique wit.So before starting any auspicious occassion or ritual Lord Ganesha is firstly worshipped.

Swasti Punyahwachan ritual is performed with expectation to get sunrise and day as auspicious and pleasant.The same pooja is also performed to get rightous welfare,increment,propitious and wealth.All these concepts can be obtained for our whole family by blessing of God and Bramhin .

Worship of Matruka(Matruka Pooja)

Matruka Poojan means performing ritual of all Goddesses especially Goddesses of wealth,power,wit.Twenty three Matruka are worshiped to get different auspicious results as follows.


Goddess Gauri is also known as Siddheshwari,Siddhirupa and Siddhida who manage and keeps maintenance of whole world and vanishes grief,fear,sorrows and anger.


Padma is the name of goddess Laxmi whose worship is performed to get wealth and become prosperous.


Shachi is wife of Lord Indra who is the king of God.Goddess Shachi is worshiped to get wife hood(i.e.unlasting married state of woman)called as “Saubhagya“.


Medha is Goddess of wit intelligence.So the worship of Medha is performed to get wit or intelligence.


Savitri is dean Goddess of theology in Hindu culture.She offers truthfull and mindly pleasure as well permanent pleasure and ecstasy.All types of sins are burned due to performing ritual and reminding Goddess Savitri .


Goddess Vijaya gained victory over the king of giant Padmaka and uplifted him who was going to ruin all the world.So from the same occassion she is known as Goddess Vijaya .To get victory everywhere Goddess Vijaya is worshiped,so she is also known as Goddess of Victory.


Jaya is also a Goddess who is worshiped to get her blessings.


Devsena Goddess is worshiped to protect from troubles of children.


A faithful worship of forefathers is called “Shraddha“ . Swadha assists to get blessing of ancestors.So Swadha is Goddess is worshiped.


Different types of plants woods are burnt in a holy kunda is called “Yadnya” or “Hom“ which is done after performing ritual of God.An ahuti is morsel of pure ghee which is poured in fire.Because fire is regarded as mouth of God,when the same morsel of ghee is poured in fire,The word “Swaha“ is uttered.So Swaha is power which reflects Aahuti in to food for Gods.


Mataraha is a Goddess of different power.So to get these power Mataraha is worshiped. Worshiper can obtain power of Lord Bramha i.e.Brahmani,power of Lord Vishu i.e.Vashnavi,power of skanda i.e.Kaumari,power of warahki i.e.warahi.


Goddess Lokmata is worshiped for the walefare and protection of all people who are devotees of Lord Vishnu and Shiva.


Pushti is known as nutrition.The same Goddess is worshiped to get well nutrition of all devotees.


Tushti is a satisfaction.To get satisfaction a ritual of Goddess is performed.


Dhruti is worshiped to get courage in any trouble and grief.


Every family have their different family Goddess.Worshiping Kuldevta ,worshiper can get a good decsendent,protects all family,family behaviour and descendants.

So 23 different types of Goddess are worshiped in “KALSARPA YOGA SHANTI”.

Nandi Shraddha

Shraddha is ritual of ancestors which is performed faithfully.In an auspicious worships, Nandi Shraddha(i.e.Prelude Shraddha) is performed to get blessings of ancestors.Worshiper can obtain long life,offspring,wealth,knowledge and heavenly pleasure with the help of blessing of ancestors.

Bramhin Varni

Bramhin varni is such a pious deed which enables Bramhin to get right of worshipping theologically.


Cow milk,curd,cow ghee,cowdung and cow urine are mixed and this nothing but “Panchangawyakaran” with this the place where you are performing ritual and the body of worshiper is piouslypurified.


The same pious deed is performed to purify the place of worship.


In the same worship a ritual of Rahu-Kal-Sarpa(Snake)and Anant etc is performed.Actually Rahu and Ketu are not visible planets like other ones.Probably Rahu and Ketu have no individuality.Both are concurrence points.The way from where the Moon rotates around the Earth and the way from where the Earth rotates around the Sun,these two different ways intersects each other in space at two different points,out of those one point is known as Rahu and other as Ketu.Both the intersection points have speed.So both are taken as separate planets by astrologers.The planet Rahu indicates deeds of last birth.Kal and Sarpa(Snake) are sub-Gods of Rahu known as Adhidevata and Pratyodevata .A ritual is performed by establishing lives in image of Rahu,Kal,Sarpa and so the blame of Rahu-Kal-Sarpa is exonerated.

Prime Gods

To exonerate from the blame of Rahu,Kal,Sarpa,the same prime Gods are worshiped establishing their lives in respected images.

Establishments of Worship of 9 Planets circle

Though KALSARP YOGA worship is for removing blames of particular plantes,all nine planets are worshiped to receive graceful blessings of all the planets.

Worship of Lord Shiv Shankar

According to Hindu Theology Lord Shri Shiv Shankar is worship in each type of Shantik Pooja as well in Yadnya .


As per Theological rule Fire is mouth of God.Worshiping fire and contemplanting all Gods “Hawan“ is performed.All Gods are invited in fire and Hawan and other pious deeds are performed. Aahuti is offered in Hawan .The same Ahuti is reflected into pious food of God and reached to the particular God by Swaha Goddess.

Uttar Pooja(Balidan-Purnahuti)

Uttar Pooja is latter part of the KALSARPA YOGA ritual from which worshipper gets blessings of all Gods.At last all pious deeds and ritual are devoted to God.