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We, Dixit, are one of the best priests in Trimbakeshwar which is well known pious place known as "Jyotirling" (out of 12 Jyotirlinga) in Maharashtra, India. Also we are worshiper, studious, protector and conserver of "VEDAS"

We perform religious ritual (Pooja) like "Narayan Nagbali", "Tripindi Shradhha", "Kalsarpa Shanti" inherit-ably.

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Narayan Bali / Pitrudosh (3 days pooja)

Ritual performed for the salvation of the unsatisfied soul is "NARAYANBALI". The same ritual is performed to progress birth-death cycle and get salvation to the dead, unsatisfied persons in our blood or ancestry.

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Tripindi Shraddha (1 day pooja)

The concept of Shraddha is ritual of forefathers performed faithfully by their descendants. Tripindi Shraddha is ritual which is performed to achieve something like familiar and material things.

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Kalsarpa Yoga Shanti (1 day pooja)

We can find "KALSARPA YOGA" in Horoscope. There are twelve places and nine planets in a horoscope. If the sun, the moon, the mars, the merecury, the jupiter, the venus and the saturn, these seven planet are to left or right side of rahu and ketu the same situation of the planet "KALSARPA YOGA".

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Shri Vishal Trimbak Dixit performing Narayan Nagbali Pooja.

Narayan Naagbali Dates

Kaalsarpa / Tripindi Shraadha Dates


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