Tripindi Shraddha

Tripindi Shraddha

The concept of Shraddha is ritual of forefathers performed faithfully by their descendents. Tripindi Shraddha is ritual which is performed to achieve something like familiar and material things.So Tripindi Shraddha is known as “Kamya Shraddha“ .As per Shraddhakamalakar Scripture,it is said that Shraddha of ancestors should be performed 72 times in year.If Shraddha is not performed for many years ancestors remains unsatisfied.

अमावस्या व्दादशैव क्षयाहव्दितये तथा।षोडशापरपक्षस्य अष्टकान्वष्टाकाश्च षट॥

संक्रान्त्यो व्दादश तथा अयने व्दे च कीर्तिते।चतुर्दश च मन्वादेर्युगादेश्च चतुष्टयम॥

Aaditypuran is great Theological scripture in which it is said that if Shraddha ritual is not performed every year,ancestors absorbs blood of their descendents.

न सन्ति पितरश्र्चेति कृत्वा मनसि यो नरः।

श्राध्दं न कुरुते तत्र तस्य रक्तं पिबन्ति ते॥(आदित्यपुराण)

It is noticed by above Stanza that everybody must perform Shraddha of their forefather.If Shraddha ritual is not performed descendent have to face different types of problems due to ancestor blame and to exonerate from same types of blame “Tripindi Shraddha” ritual is performed.As well the same Shraddha is also performed traditionally to become free from tortures of Ghost application of demon, Gandharva,Shakini,Dakini etc.To rescue from the problems like clashesh in house,lack of peace,oftenly diseases emotion of maliciousness,unsucess,untimely death,unfulfillment of willings,lack of profressional prosperity,weddings not taking on proper period and infertility etc problems, Tripindi Shraddha is performed traditionally.

Lord Bramha,Lord Vishnu ,and Lord Rudra are faithfully worshiped in Tripindi Shraddha ritual. Lord Bramha , Lord Vishnu ,and Lord Rudra are representatives of virtuous,regal and hot tempered respectively.So to relive from afflication of virtuous dead bodies Lord Bramhdev is worshipped and offered barley lump(i.e.Jav Pinda),to relive from afflication of regal deadbodies Lord Vishun is worshipped and offered rise lump as well to relive from afflication of hot tempered dead bodies Lord rudra is worshipped and offered sesame lump .

The person who is passed away in childhood,youthfullness and elderly and their spirit are not satisfied,in the same state to get solvation to the respected soul,the same Tripindi Shraddha ritual should be performed.

In the same ritual the name and “Gotra” of the forefathers is not uttered because we have no perfects knowledge from which ancestors afflication we are suffering and which soul of ancestors are unsatisfied.

So to get solvation to the every unsatisfied souls of our ancestors, ”Tripindi Shraddha“ ritual is performed as per theology.

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