About us

We, Dixit, are one of the best priests in Trimbakeshwar which is well known pious place known as "Jyotirling" (out of 12 Jyotirlinga) in Maharashtra, India. Also we are worshiper, studious, protector and conserver of "VEDAS". We have been studying VEDAS from our ancestors up to current generation without any interruption.

We have an ancient manuscripts (Pothies) and list of names of ancestors ("NAMAVALI" and "Family Tree") showing our family blood account from last 300 to 350 years. As well as about 2000 to 2500 manuscripts (Pothies) indicate wits and mastery on VEDAS. So many eminent have seen those conserved manuscripts till a day. Our forefathers had performed religious ritual (i.e.Pooja) of contemporary kings of Junagarh, Jamnagar and Kashmir.

We perform religious ritual (Pooja) like "Narayan Nagbali", "Tripindi Shradhha", "Kalsarpa Shanti" inherit-ably.